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The Food Network's "Chopped" is a culinary competition hosted by TV personality Ted Allen in which four chefs per episode attempt to cook their way through three courses to win a $10,000 prize. In a set amount of time, the contestants must create the most appealing appetizer, entrée and dessert they can from a generally mismatched list of mandatory ingredients, and failure to use the predetermined ingredients results in a forfeit. Contestants are chosen from all walks of the culinary field, and possess a wide range of experience. Regardless of kitchen savvy, the winner is often the chef who completes the tasks at hand in the allotted time, while at the same time following the rules, and is not necessarily the one who creates the tastiest dish.

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Ted Allen-
In 2003 Allen gained great public notoriety, when he became a cast member of the hit reality television series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as their food and wine specialist. He made numerous television appearances as a gourmet, and was a frequent guest judge on Food Network's Iron Chef America...


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Chefs Rematch Recap-Food Network

Chefs Rematch Recap-Food Network

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